01 August 2011

Meeting the spaniels

On Saturday we met our Spaniel cousins/aunt and uncles (not sure what relationship they are actually) but they have just moved to Fish Hoek from Greyton. Aidan, Arabella and Thomas. Maddie was there too. This is me trying to make friends with Arabella, but just look at how snooty she is! So I tried to make friends with this pooch in a shopping basket, but it wasn't even going to make eye-contact with me.

I asked those dogs if they would like to be friends but they were on the other side of the river.I wasn't too sure about asking Thomas to be my friend - well, he is still a teenager! He will improve. One day. Dougal's approach was different, he just chases the dogs he likes and he liked Arabella immediately, but she didn't return the feelings.
Eventually we all sort of tolerated each other and had a wade in the river. Dougal even let Omie Domes touch him. Now look at this big fluffy puppy vying for Alice's attention AND trying to make friends with me. No ways. Alice is MY favourite human. Not hers!We all piled into the land rover and instead of snarling at each other, Dougal and Aidan actually chatted away about life on the beach.

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