19 August 2011

Scandinavian skies and Swedish hunds

Last night the humans left us in the cosy warm kitchen while it pelted down with rain and went to a reunion of the Alph's trip to Sweden with Astellas last year. As he had taken lots of lovely photos and the Food Lady and I had not got round to putting them on my blog, we thought it was time for a flashback to Sverige. This is the appropriately coloured Scandinavian aeroplane that flew him there,
and this is the view from his hotel in Gothenburg - or rather, Göteborg (and no, it is not where Batman lives!)
This is where the conference took place.
And here are some Swedish hunds. Looks rather jolly.
The Alph, being the Alph, went to the Volvo Museum. These Swedes make seriously wacky cars!
Then he went on a ferry to the island of Styrsö with some of his colleagues including Sandra and Fred who have an elderly and distinguished Border Collie who I hope to meet one day. This is them here with another lady and Andre from Astellas who was their host and who was at the dinner at the Waterfront. Andre apparently has Jack Russells, which are rather like Dansk/svensk gårdshund (Danish–Swedish Farm Dogs). This is the ferry to Styrsö. The faithful Swedish hund comes too!
Misty island.
A china hund.
The Alph getting his ducks in a row. Sweden looks rather grey and chilly - even for a Scot.
Life saving equipment for Gods? Don't they mean DOGS?
No traffic on the island except for mopeds and bikes.
They even have statues of hunds.
Waiting to catch the ferry back to Göteborg - another lucky hund.

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