07 November 2016

All treats are mine!

At around about this time of year, we get photos of the ghostly goings-on of our cousin in frozen north, Jethro. This year he has pumpkin feelers.
And the terrifying Claude who likes to snack on Scotties, has suddenly sprouted horns. He is waiting to ambush any trick or treaters who come too close.
But what have we here? Two trick or treating boys arrived.
Sorry guys, all treats here belong to ME!
Then they invited Laddie and me to go along with them to find more treats.
We were quite successful too, although the Food Lady says sugar is not good for us and not many people gave us healthy, doggy treats.
Eek, what have we here? A witch and a DRAGON. Laddie wants to go home.
So we ran after our scary snary boys and went home to share the spoils.

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