28 November 2016


Today was a Scottie Walk on Fish Hoek Beach. I love Scottie walks as there are generally lots of delicious little treats for us. We arrived a little earlier and walked along the beach.
It was the most perfect, warm, gentle summer's morning. My favourite kind of walking - shimmying along in tummy-cooling water.
Lad was up the beach investigating everything and every dog. There are quite a few dead beasties washed up - from seals to seabirds - all testament to the furious gales we have been having over the past few weeks.
Hightailing it up Fish Hoek beach.  
Hartlaubs and Grey-headed Gulls socializing in front of the Beachfront Informal Shelter for the Homeless and Drug-peddling Fraternity of Fish Hoek. All very peaceful.
Then we heard a distant barking, 
and started seeing more and more Scotties,
until we were in the middle of a yapping, sniffing, wagging, snapping Scottie Walk!
Luckily the owners are better behaved and more civic-minded than their charges.
Laddie was overwhelmed as ever with all the bums to sniff.
The posh Scotties about to be greeted by Mac the happy and enthusiastic pup. Like me they were polite, but not impressed with his over-the-top, ecstatic greeting.
Although Fish Hoek municipality wouldn't allow us to play the bagpipes, some of the walkers entered into the spirit of things.
The Gusses and Jeanie - and their collie brother (or is it a sister?).
Laddie and Maggie-May immediately went off exploring,
with Laddie copying everything she did.
The crazy pups - Mac and Kenzie - drawing all the fond and foolish humans towards them,
as did this young whippersnapper called Lily,
who tried to ambush me but luckily couldn't quite reach. Cheeky youngster. Such scottitude!
Her sister, Savanna, suffers from cramps - just like my brother from down the road - and her human put her in the carry-bag that was meant for Lily-the-pup with scottitude. This had given the Food Lady ideas for carrying me on hot Sunday walks.
We got to the end, then walked back again.
It was now getting rather uncomfortably warm for an old Scot, and the treats were really quite underwhelming,
and Lily-the-pup with scottitude was fighting off sleep. She also suffers from fomo like Harvey which makes it difficult to fall asleep.
Some Bosties came past too - in top gear as Bosties always are.
There were also some important peeps from Tin Can Town, who we are supporting today.
Shades of grey - Whisky, Nico, Savanna and Saskia.  
 Then we said goodbye to all our Scottie Walk friends and went to Omie-Domes house for a cup of tea and a ferocious bark at the neighbour's ugly Labrador.

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