07 November 2016

"The sea, the snotgreen sea"

Down to Daisy Cottage we went ...
for cool walks in the fynbos,
botanizing sorties - these are Jamesbrittenia albomarginata flowers,
some birding (a Cape Penduline Tit),
more botanizing ... Lobelia valida and 
Senecio hastifolius,
some limestone hill walking (with Helichrysum retortum) which is rather tough on my pads,
and some glorious swimming in the cool clear water at the southern tip of Africa.
Laddie playing pirates on his desert island. What a clown.
Birds by the thousand ...
including a Curlew,
and strange ships passing.
I found some Dune Molerat biltong which was simply delicious, but the Food Lady removed it,
but I soon found some shark biltong.
In fact there was lots of it. The fisherman catch them and just leave them to die and dry for me to chew.
I also found a packet of biryani masala but the Food Lady just chucked it in the bin.
Afternoon nap time.
Then more walkies - me on the lookout for molerats and other rodentia to hunt down.
We found this humungous Emperor Moth caterpillar which we were not allowed to molest.
 Levaillant's Cisticola.
The Alph and Laddie waiting for us slow pokes.
A late afternoon dip in Papkuil.
The houses that the Food Lady hates.
Happy Alph and
happy me!
Happy African Black Oystercatcher.
Christna and Wessel - our neighbours - came to have a cup of tea and a chat, then they had to go as they were taking a group of tourists around De Mond.
We had a last quick walk around Suiderstrand. Lots of the houses here have birds and fish on their chimneys,
and the rest have natural ones - a Kelp Gull,  
a Fiscal Flycatcher and
a Rock Kestrel.
Time to head home...

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