21 December 2013

A groovy erica and one black dog

On Sunday the humans went off to hike up Swartkops, which I have done many times, but as it was hot, and I am a little overweight and under-exercised at the moment, I got left behind with the Lad. They went with Alice and Maddie and Pauline to look for a rare and endangered little erica that was flowering up there -
the Swartkops Heath (Erica quadrisulcata). There were lots of them in flower - distinguished by the four grooves at the base of their corollas. Hence the groovy name.
Tea with the Groovy Erica - you can see a bush of it just in front of the FL's backpack. Pauline, Alice, Maddie and the Alph.
Just look at that view. And apparently not a baboon in sight. Sadly, they have been controlled so well that we don't know if any have survived the controlling!
Alice and Pauline at the top.
And a lone black dog!
And many of the Critically Rare Swartkops Serrurias (Serruria hirsuta) were still flowering as well. Well that is that for now, and tomorrow we are meeting at the ghost town for a Christmas walk which should be great fun! The Lad is coming too, so I hope he behaves himself, but he has been quite good lately if I say so myself.

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