21 December 2013

Agulhas again

The Food Lady has been rather busy so my blog has been rather neglected - apologies. Last weekend (the weekend of Nelson Mandela's funeral) we went to Suiderstrand again to install the new fridge (we seen to have been installing a lot of fridges lately!) in our newly electrified cottage. This is me being used as a cushion again! You won't believe it but the Alph managed to fit the little fridge into the Honda too.
We weren't the only dogs that stopped for fish and chips in Agulhas ...
After a good lunch and some sampling of another local beer (they must be referring to the imbecile blonde Lad)
we went to the beach for a swim.
The weather was glorious, and we all had supper on the balcony which is usually hellova windy.
Then the next day, which was cool and rather overcast, we went up the dusty limestone road for a walk into the hills above the beach, the Soet Anysberg in the distance.
The Food Lady photographed flowers as she loves to do - like these brown and white stripey Jamesbrittenia albomarginata flowers,
and this pretty Sea Parsley (Dasispermum suffruticosum).
Surveying the scene and thinking of Madiba's funeral taking place later that morning in far away Qunu. On the way home we got SOAKED as it suddenly started pouring with rain.
The Alph installed the fridge, then we helped to clean up the cottage, and we left so that we could get back to watch Nelson Mandela's funeral on the tv. (Simon had been taping it for them.)
But we managed to sneak a quick stop in to buy one of these fisherman's cottages - all modelled by Thapelo on real cottages in Struisbaai. (He can be contacted at 0824037844 or ThapeloArts@gmail.com.)

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