02 December 2013

Beach boys

Our Sunday walk this week was at Kommetjie Beach where we met quite a few of the local beach boys,
and babes. Ahem Alph!
Some were just beach bums.
And the Food Lady even found some flowers on the beach like this Strand Hongerblom (Senecio maritimus).
And I found a Bouvier to make friends with as Maddie wasn't allowed to come. (She eats dachshunds on beaches.)
The Alf telling me that I am a really good dog and the PEST is super bad. (That's why he is on a lead.)
Running away from some of the local heavies. (Having told them that they were ugly and their mother dressed them funny which they didn't appreciate.)
Another beach flower - Duinevingertjies (Manulea tomentosa).
Then we came to a scary snary sign ...
so we decided to turn back. We watched the NSRI boat surfing in onto Long Beach, perhaps to save people from the blue-green scum in the river?
Walking past this enormous log. "Some giant rock monster must have hurled it down onto the rocks."
was the theory of this funny little dog. "More like it got washed up" I said. Laddie just rudely shouted "You are ugly and you smell bad!" and the Alph pulled him away before his nose was bitten.
He was allowed off his lead while we ambled back, as he seemed to have quietened down a bit.
 He didn't want to cross this little steam though. Probably worried about the blue-green scum lurking in there. But I just plodded across,
and eventually he followed,
but them immediately ran off after some poor unsuspecting little girl and the Alph had to chase after him and put the lead on again. He really can be a bit manic. The Food Lady thinks that maybe his Swedish grandfather had a liaison with a staffie that no-one knew about ... I mean, show some decorum whippersnapper, pha-leeeeze.
We then joined Dee from Brisbane and Wendy for tea in their super-duper beach cottage on the sea-front at Kommetjie.
The Imbecile Blanc seemed quite exhausted by this stage.
Then we went on to say hi to the spaniels and for the Alph to check up on Omie-Domes toe that has been in the wars. I think I will just venture out into the exciting garden and look for baboon, or lizards
or even just beetles - like this amiable Spotted Fruit-chafer (Mausoleopsis amabilis) - 
while the Imbecile PEST rolled around with Thomas - who used to be my friend.
And my best friend Maddie wasn't allowed in as she bats the spaniels around somewhat. What a day!

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  1. Looks like the Pest is having some ups and downs!
    Best to ignore him silliness I reckon, set a good example he'll get it eventually!