09 December 2013

The Scottie Christmas Walk, or Bowling a Lad over

Scottie Christmas Walk at Bloubergstrand today. And do I hear bagpipes? Oh my! That is Hamish and Finlay's human dad looking so amazing! It stirs the soul!
The Food Lady was so busy admiring this chap - Morris - who looks rather like Dougal -
that she didn't see poor Laddie being bowled over (for the first of many!) by some exuberant youngsters - this one is Elvis I think. Not that I am not doing much to help - I am maintaining some decorum here.
This Bloodhound had to be dragged away by his human because he wanted to join the scotties,
and here are Goose and Maverick - long time no see chaps! They wanted to stay too, but
their mom, Nola, said no. They had had their walk and it was time to leave. But it was lovely seeing them again. 
I got all excited as I thought I saw a Bouvier, but turns out, it was only a Giant Snauzer. So I left. And the PEST went in - and was possibly bowled over again, but I was off ...
The PEST was interested in these handsome Scotties, but they didn't want him,
but he tried to take them by surprise from behind before being discovered and rolled right out of the pack. Talk about sticking out like a sore claw.
Another skilled roller around of pesky puppies was Sandy, alias Zoro, who had been fostered by Maggie-May and Kirby's mother before finding his own human.
I was most interested in what Hollly and Abigail's mother had in her snack pack. In fact, many of us were,
including Maggie-May who put on her best butter-wouldn't-melt look.
I found a new friend - Raffie the long-haired Dachshund. I think she liked me too. We swapped a few stories about idiot scottie puppies.
Having a paddle. Just look at my new Christmas bandana from Renate - Hamish and Findlay's mother.
There was a rumour that Mother Christmas was coming with gifts for all the good Scotties, so we all turned round and hastened back in the hot sun.
Luckily the sea was cold and deliciously cool.
We were all thinking a lot of Nelson Mandela who died last Thursday night, but luckily the humans aren't crying all the time - as he had a long and full life and we all owe our peace and happiness in this beautiful country to him. He had a dog called Gompo who he had to leave behind when he was sent to prison, so I know he must have been a special person. (See photo on the top right of my blog.)
Of course, this nitwit doesn't have a clue who he was. All he worries about is catching things that move, and bugging other dogs.
OMG. Mother Christmas really did come - and she has some wonderfully good smelling things in her sack. I tried to get some, putting on my best butter-wouldn't-melt expression, but the good smelling things I got from her were all wrapped up in paper, and I am far too polite to start ripping them open while everyone is watching. Thank you Mother Christmas! When I get home, I will get stuck into my parcel.
Laddie had a go at this beautiful Christmas stocking that Maggie-May and Kirby gave us both. Thanks so much!
We had our photo taken with Brian and Renate - she and Laddie were colour co-ordinated - blond and blue.
And the chap next to Brian had a tattoo on his arm of a scottie he once owned. Awesome!
Even the Food Lady agreed to have a photo with Brian in his full Scottish regalia. Even more awesome!
Then we had a bit longer on the beach with our friends. This is Maggie-May with Benjamin, her human mother Junette, and father Jeremy, and Kirby. (Photo by Raffie's father - Mr Scott.)
In our stocking from Maggie-May and Kirby was a pair of reindeer antlers for us. Laddie was quite intrigued by his shadow!
But I was not really amused at all. Time to go home now!
Thank-you to Candy Noreen Scott for the use of the photos of Maggie-May's family and of Laddie being bowled over. Join the Scotties Cape Town Facebook page.  


  1. Wow! Looks like you had a great time!

    My peep was so saddened to hear about Madiba... He was a great man, but he lived a full life and gave so much for so many...

  2. We saw the pictures on FB too! What a pawsome day!
    Wally & Sammy