26 December 2013

A Red hot Christmas walk

 Today at Red Hill there were lots of walkers - David and Gordon and Luna from Johannesburg; Sue and Honey; Claire, Mornay, Kaitlyn and Tessa from Durban; Pauline; Lydia and Jan from New Zealand and Louise and Richard from Johannesburg. It was nice to see Honey, but she wasn't all that pleased to see us, although she didn't say anything rude to me, so maybe she likes me now. We were meant to meet up with Alice and Maddie and Claude, but we managed to miss them.
Walking up the red road of Red Hill.
The Lad was happy to be in the fynbos and bounced about a bit looking for rustling lizards and mice. He is a bit thick, and doesn't come when he is called so he usually ends up back on the lead.
What were Tessa and Claire looking at I wondered. Something good to chase or eat?
No - just pelargoniums (Probably Pelargonium myrrhifolium the FL thinks)
and aristeas (probably Aristea afticana).
It was really hot so we were happy to plunge into the cool red water of the Kleinplaas Dam. Just look at how deep the water-level marker is - and it is already the middle of our dry season.
But lookee here! Another little black Scottie joined us for a Scottie wade. (The one on the right.) She had diabetes and was blind, but was having the time of her life.
We found a spot for tea on the edge of the dam, and the Alph pulled out some bubbly (courtesy of Kerryn) to celebrate Christmas,
and we all had a taste of Red Velvet cake (even if it was a crumb or two on our beano dog biscuits).
Our picnic tea spot.
Us watching from the sand dunes - looking cute. Yes, I still find him a pest but he is improving and can be tolerated for small periods.
We said goodbye to Claire, Mornay, Kaitlyn and Tessa who turned back as they were going to visit the scratch patch and sensibly thought it was rather too hot for long walks,
 and we plodded on up the sandy path,
stopping in shady spots for a water break every now and then,
until we reached the cool water of the Lewis Gay dam near the road. Here is Gordon on the rock, and Luna, our elegant friend from Jozi. 
Jan got chatting to the Baboon Monitors who were watching a troop of baboons on the far side of the dam, luckily for them - or I would have chased them all the way back to the Kleinplaas Dam!
The Imbecile wasn't too keen on swimming,
but Luna plunged in with David. (Pauline and Lydia looking on.)
Richard swam right out to the other side and we could see the baboons hastily retreating up the beach.
Luna came back to our house, and we had a lovely afternoon with her and her humans
until it was time to say goodbye and she drove out in her car with antlers.

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  1. That water looks lovely! I hope you had a great Festive Season!