24 December 2014

A cool pool and a sparkling Christmas tea

Today, our last walk of 2014, we had honoured guests Luna and her humans, David and Gordon with us from the swish big city of Johannesburg. Joining us were Sue and Honey, Paul and Pauline, and John who is still here sans passport. The Alph and Food Lady are very embarrassed that the Dept of Home Affairs still haven't sorted out a new passport to replace John's one that was stolen over 6 weeks ago.
The path up was quite hot and steep but full of good smells,
and pretty flowers - like this Pelargonium longifolium
and Lady's Hands (Cyanella hyacinthoides).
John even snuck in a photo of the elusive Food Lady with the Lad.
Lovely silvery cloudy skies - making False Bay look quite magical.
Spittle bug spittle was hanging off some of the plants like Christmas baubles.
Waiting and watching to see that Sue and Honey got back down as Sue was too hot and tired to slog up all the way and decided to call it a day.
Gordon colour-coordinating with Table Mountain Watsonias (Watsonia tabularis) - that only occur on Table Mountain and nowhere else in the wild world.
Me under the Darth Vader rock monster. Checking for baboons and dassies or whatever. 
Harvey taking a shade and water break under the giant Mimetes tree in Mimetes Valley - with John and Paul.
We soon emerged from Mimetes Valley onto the hot dry jeep track, They were all looking at the route map, but I knew exactly where to go ...
To the cool deep water of Nellies Pool.
Suitably refreshed, we decided to carry on up Kalk Bay Peak despite the Food Lady's reservations about my heat tolerance. These are Roella muscosa flowers.
Not quite the highest bubble assessment we have ever done, but somewhere short of 500 m. we stopped for tea - and Kate's bubbles. THANK YOU Kate - the humans were very happy to quaff your "hiking gear" although I must say I am not sure what all the fuss is about. I prefer the delicious tannin-flavoured water you get up here.
We had a feast - John's mince pies, red velvet cake, dates and prunes, and delicious biltong for us. 
A toast to absent friends - Elke, Kate and Sue! (Thanks John for the pic - and the next one).
Me tucking into the biltong and biscuit treats - all from the Scottie walk a few weeks ago. 
Tea  near the top on Kalk Bay Peak: John, Pauline, Laddie, the Alf, me and Harvey, David, Gordon, Luna and Paul.
Harvey was just overflowing with love and Christmas cheer. I thought he may have had a go at the bubbles.
Some love for Paul.
Hitting the road again - through fiery watsonias
and Cape Snow (Syncarpha vestita).
Luna, Gordon and David with the beacon that marks the summit of Kalk Bay Peak.
Then down into Spes Bona valley - with the Red Indian Face rock monster keeping guard. 
Tripping the boards
that wind through the yellowwoods and Maytenus trees. 
Down the HOT Mole Track and a race across the road which Capetonian drivers like to use as a racetrack.
All of us in the Land Rover at the end.
Harvey took a huge shine to Luna and was a bit of a pest 
Gees and tees and some tlc for Gordon from those two stupid little boy dogs. 
Harvery trying desperately hard to stay awake, but the rest of us crashed
and even Luna allowed her eyes to close. 
After gees and tees, we were left at home while the humans had fun and games and presents at Georgie and her human, Sue's house.
The Food Lady also went to meet Jane and Robert's new puppy - Alonso - but we couldn't go too because he is still recovering from kennel cough. Lad and Harvey are looking forward to some wild puppy games with him, but I can't say I am thrilled with the prospect of another manic boy dog in my backyard.

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  1. Happy Christmas to you all from a sunny but cool UK:)