09 December 2014

More amazingness

After the Christmas Scottie Walk, we drove off to Daisy for the weekend. (Harvey stayed at home to have some quiet time with his humans.) We just couldn't believe our luck. Here we are heading off to Papkuil for a late evening dip.
These Cancer Bush (Sutherlandia frutescens) pods were rattling in the rather stiff afternoon breeze,
and the Food Lady was excited about the lovely light and took lots of photos of dune plants overflowing onto the pebbly beach. These are Sea Parsley (Dasispermum suffruticosum) and Tetragonia decumbens.
At last, a soothing dip at Papkuil. Our best swimming spot in all the world.
The Mad Lad is into chasing birds. So he ran up and down the beach after sand plovers and sand pipers, and I just laughed as all clever Scotties know it is just not worth our while to chase birds! (Rodents and lizards, baboons and dassies, on the other hand, are in another ballpark altogether.)
While the foolish fellow checked out the birds, I snacked on some kelp in the pebbly beach,
and soon discovered that the pebbles were alive with little running creatures that the Food Lady called Sea Lice and that were fun to chase.
There was also other fun stuff like this skeleton of a seal to try and roll on before the yelling and yanking started.
A whole lot more ugly little huts have sprung up at the SANParks restcamp. We hardly ever see anyone there, which suits us fine as we are always terrified that one day our favourite swimming place will be closed to visitors.
Another creature was exploring the rocks - the African Black Oystercatcher.
Back at Daisy and surveying for mongooses and mice.
The Mad Lad scavenging and getting himself FULL of burrs.
We had a braai that night - after 8 pm and it was still light.
The Food Lady found a shrieking little fly with bug eyes - probably the Cicada (Platypleura capensis).
The next morning, Sunday, we walked our other favourite walk up past the water tanks, and on the way we met three very glossy black Labradors who were quite shy, but friendly. We chatted to them, and our humans chatted a bit to their humans, before we moved on
up and up to the water tanks. Laddie is on the lead because he wanted to chase two dikkops, but the Alph wouldn't let him. You can see one of them silhouetted at the top of the road.
There were lots of fluffy Wild Rosemary (Eriocephalus africanus var. paniculatus) seeds.
Crossing the road to get to the beach. Baboon alert!
The end of the Rasperpunt trail at number 9 and tea time.
Swimtime for me.
Biscuits. Just look at that burry beast! 
Soon we were rodent hunting with renewed vim and vigour
while the Food Lady fotographed flowers (one of the senecios.)
Then almost home, joy of joys, we found another Boston Terrier. Laddie hotfooted it across the rocks to make friends.
We discovered that her name was Flatscreen.
Soon it was time to head home for lunch and a snooze while the Alph did some maintenance on blinds and various other things, and the Food Lady did some sweeping and cleaning.
Then it was home to our bestie Bostie who was waiting patiently for us in Cape Town.

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