25 December 2014

Christmas in Daegu

Dear Coco
Happy Christmas from Daegu! After our walk in the greenbelt with you, and our fond farewells to you all,  Kerryn took us to the airport where we set off on our journey to South Korea and Simon. 
We had a very nice flight to Seoul, via Dubai, and had to wait in Incheon Airport for the train to Daegu so we had time to walk around the airport shops.
Some were full of dogs - 
and dog cellphone covers, but no scotties.
Even gardens grew in the middle of the airport. 
Eventually it was time to catch the KTX train to Daegu where we met Simon. He took us back to our hotel where we chatted a bit and eventually got to bed in the small hours of Christmas morning. This is a view from the hotel when we woke up at 9 am to a beautiful sunny morning. Simon's school and apartment is somewhere out there.
After a most welcome cup of the most wonderful coffee in the hotel's coffee shop,
we had a real Korean breakfast in a restaurant just next door. Note the kimchi in the front right bowl!
It was really nice to have Simon to speak for us as no-one speaks much English in this neck of the woods.
After breakfast we opened some presents in our hotel,
and then we went to see Simon's apartment which was quite close by.
Simon's stash of kimchi.
Next on the itinerary was a visit to Simon's school
which was much larger than I imagined.
The view from the school to the distant mountains.
We then walked to the market, past all sorts of shops and restaurants, including this "Little Animal Shop"
and this golf and outdoor clothing shop.
Daegu's very own Spotty Dog. I haven't seen many real dogs though.
There were lots of amazing things at the market from delicious fresh fruit and veg
to dried centipedes!
There was even some political commentary on pajama pants. 
A Christmas tree at the market reminded us that it was indeed the 25 December.
Some cuddly dog cushions for sale.
Simon wowed everyone with his ability to chat away in Korean. They all ask where we are from as there are really no other non-Korean people around. 
Back to the hotel for a quick rest and some blogging (free wifi in the hotel), then we set off again for Christmas dinner, Korean style.
Simon took us to a posh part of Daegu where there is a beautiful lake - called Suseong. It was icy cold, and the lake was partially frozen at the edges - and a new moon was up - absolutely magical.
We walked around the lake a bit,
admiring the lights,
and bumping into some of the locals until the cold drove us into a pub on the edge of the lake where we had some craft beers
before heading to this restaurant where Simon had booked for supper on the recommendation of a Korean friend of his.
It was a most delicious spread - and as different to roast turkey, ham and Christmas pudding as you could get.
We then took a taxi back to the subway, past pretty Christmas lights
A most wonderful Christmas day - and thank you Simon for spoiling us.
I hope you had a good day too Coco. I hear you went to Tokai Park with Phil and Kerryn. We are missing you and the Lad, and our Boston terrorist grandson, and hope you are being good.
love to all, from the Food Lady and the Alph

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