27 December 2014

Up Mt Apsan in a cable car

Dear Coco
We are having the most interesting time here with Simon. This morning - Boxing Day - Simon had to go to work so we had the morning to find our own breakfast which we did in this Parisian looking café just down the road from our hotel. Coffee and a perfect croissant. Mmnyum.
We did a bit of banking and reading up back in the hotel,   
then took a brisk walk (its mighty COLD here!) to a park with a large tower as a landmark so that we didn't get too lost. There was also a theme park belting out electronic Christmas carols. But the adjacent park is a lovely bit of greenery in the middle of the city.
When Simon's school had broken up, he came and collected us and took us to another park which incorporates a few mountains - one of them Mt Apsan - which has a cableway up to the top. We met this handsome boxer and its owner on the way in,
and a few scary looking lions in the play area.
There is also a war memorial to the Nakdong River Battle of in the Korean war - a mere 60-odd years ago in the park.
This was our cable car
that took us up and up, through some firs and pines and into some snow that was left over from a snowfall the other day. Absolutely beautiful.
We walked to a viewing platform, and there, in the middle, you can see the tower and the green park were we walked to this morning. Our hotel is somewhere on the right of the photo.  As you can see Daegu is quite a big city.
Simon had brought some traditional drink called makgeoli to enjoy up here - which tasted a bit like sorghum beer but was made from rice.
Simon helping out with a photograph for some other tourists.
All along the railings of the viewing platform there are padlocks, put here by couples declaring their eternal love for each other.
There are quite a lot.
The pine trees here are so beautiful - and its lovely to be able to appreciate them in their natural habitat. I haven't discovered what species they are yet. And I think this bird is a Magpie.
We walked a bit further up the mountain - along an ancient fortress wall that dates back several hundred years.
Then we went back down to catch the cable car,
through this tunnel
down the cable car and back to the start. It starts to get dark at about 6 'o clock.
On the way back there was a display of little sculptures and objects all made out of wood and pinecones and other natural stuff.
We then took a taxi (of which there are plenty) into the centre of town. There are lots of beautiful Christmas lights outside the posh department stores.
This is the entrance to the Hyundai department store - which is one of the poshest.
Inside, I found a rather desirable suitcase, but it was a bit expensive.
The boys trying to make an escape ...
Simon then took us down the Yangnyeonsi road which is famous for traditional Korean medicine.
Christmas lights - and crowds of people.
The moon over a reconstructed traditional Korean house in a park.
We then went to Bukseong-ro to have some traditional bulgogi - braai-ed meat served with bowls of noodle soup  
and shots of soji and a few glasses of Cass beer. What an amazing day.
Hope all is well in Cape Town. I enjoyed getting photos of you swimming in Cecilia Forest so please thank Phil and Kerryn.
Lots of love from the FL and the Alph. 

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