09 December 2014

A Scottie Christmas in the vineyards

On Saturday we went on the Christmas Scottie Walk at Groot Constantia - one of our favourite places in all the world. It was amazing. Here is Mac arriving in his ultra-cool wheels.
Saying hello to Maggie May and Kirby - tails up!
And we met another wheaten scottie called Dougal.
The walk started on the oak-lined road from Groot Constantia manor house. You can just see me and the Alph in the middle.
Then we went into the vineyards.
It was quite hot!
But luckily the walk went round the dam,
so some of the hot Scots were able to have a quick dip or two.
We had to share the dam with lots of Egyptian Geese. On top of the mountain in the backround you can see the Constantia mast where we Scots have often walked up to.
What is this? An otter?
No, just a Dachshund who had joined us on the walk.
Moi, in my Chrismas bandana from Renate, which got a bit wet in the dam.
I met a Charlie-lookalike which made me come over all soppy. I really miss my beautiful Golden Retriever friend who died suddenly this year.
Keeping an ear out for rodent and reptile activity on the edge of the vineyards on our way back to the manor house.
The viper's bugloss and bindweed was buzzing with beetles and bees, but no cruelty to small animals happened despite all the Scotties on full alert.
Laddie made a hundred new friends including this little Westie,
and renewed old friendships - here he is with Maxine and young Luna.
It was lovely to see so many Scotties with their doting humans.
Then Mother Christmas and her helper arrived with biltong treats
and fantastic gifts for all the Scotties -
including honorary Scotties.
Here is Laddie with out haul of wonderful Scottie presents. Thank you Estea and Michele for organizing this wonderful walk, and to all the Secret Santas for the gorgeous gifts.

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