29 December 2014

Into the tomb ...

Dear Coco 
Last night we stayed at a guest house in Gyeongju with two noisy Korean cats. You can see one trying to follow the Alph into our room. 
This is the inside of the room. We slept on the floor which was heated. Very comfy indeed.
Here we are waiting for Mr Choi and Mr Kwon to arrive to take us on day two of our tour of  this city.
We were quite glad that we had someone to take us round as it was quite a large city.
We visited some ancient tombs which are these dome shaped earthworks - with a king or a queen from the ancient Silla dynasty buried deep inside.
One of the tombs had the 12 animals of the Chinese horoscope carved in relief all around the domed tomb. and one of them was a dog - which I discovered was my year in the horoscope.
More lovely pine trees ...
This tomb had been excavated and people are allowed to look inside ...
Right in the middle was the big wooden coffin of the king - filled with gifts.
It is school holidays and there were lots of people and kids out and about -but no dogs.
We had a lovely lunch of noodle soup and vegetable pancake in this restaurant - you have to take off your shoes first - as you do in most places here. 
After a fond farewell to our two hosts - Mr Choi and Mr Kwon - we caught the train to Busan, the second biggest city in Korea, arriving in the dark at about 7 pm. Our hotel is in a rather nice and vibey area near the docks.
We had a few beers at a pub, then found a little restaurant where we had a  Korean barbecue
and more Korean beer - rather good!
Then it was time to wander home to our hotel and fall into bed.
Hope all is well in Cape Town Coco. I am missing you very much!
lots of love from the Food Lady

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